Wooden Gun: Active Five-Seven (FN) CyberShark
About Five-seveN Gun
The Five-seveN gun was developed in Belgium to equip special forces soldiers and troopers. It was named after a special caliber of 5.7 mm, which was created from scratch specifically for it.

The brutal Five-seveN is well known to fans of the game Counter-Strike: GO. Having the Five-Seven wooden rubber band gun, everyone can feel like a hero of their favorite game.

Absolutely safe toy guns
Our toys are not weapons and cannot cause pain, which makes the game absolutely safe! This line differs in the way of assembly and painting. The pistols are firmly bolted together, painted from the ends and thoroughly polished. It is not possible to get a splinter.

WildToy toys have become even more detailed. The gun shoots rubber bands at a distance of up to 10 meters due to the movement of the gear. We recommend charging 2 to 8 rubber bands at a time. The cap gun comes with 15 rubber bands that can be stored in a removable magazine and shoot.

Gun size: length 7.5 in (19 cm), width 0.47 (1.2 cm), height 5.1 in (13 cm), weight 320 g.
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